Cord Blood: Overview

This website is not intended to be a substitution for open dialogue with your physician and partner regarding your family's decision to use cord blood banks.  It should be considered as a simple guide to some of the most common questions regarding cord blood storage, stem cell treatment and the ethical questions which have arisen regarding this fairly new procedure.

Your medical needs are important.  Your child's medical needs are important.  And from the outset, you should know that whatever decision you make, you have hopefully made with informed discussion and reflection, in order to best prepare your family, and yourself for the coming joy of your newborn baby.  The most important advice that can be given to an expecting parent who is making the decision to either store their cord blood through a private institution, or is donating to a public bank - know all your options, and understand all of the implications of your decisions.  It may save you money and heartache in the future.

This overview has three sections outlining some of the top questions parents have regarding cord blood banking.  Please feel free to jump to any section now, or start from the beginning below.

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