FAQ Continued

FAQ - Continued

Q: Will my child be at risk if I don't use a Cord Blood Bank?
A: NO! Your child is not at risk, should you decide not to store their Cord Blood.  To be clear, Cord Blood Banking is considered an insurance policy by most parents that use this service.  While there is no certain way to determine if your child will develop a condition warranting stem cell treatment from stored Cord Blood, it is safe to say that the chances of your child actually needing this type of procedure are slim.  Moreover, there are genetic and familial factors to consider when making the decision to bank Cord Blood.  Specifically, if your family has a greater pre-disposition to certain blood or genetic disorders which Cord Blood can be used to treat, some parents may factor in a cost/benefit analysis as to the efficacy of storing Cord Blood for long term use.

Q: What are the benefits to storing Cord Blood?
A: As mentioned above, Cord Blood is rich in stem cells and can be used to treat a variety of blood and genetic disorders.  There is also some evidence that Cord Blood stem cells can be used to treat successfully Type 1 Diabetes, Cardiovascular disorders and problems which may arise in the Central Nervous System.  It should be noted, that some of these treatments are still theoretical, but it is estimated that 1 in 3 Americans can benefit from regenerative medicine.

Q: What are the drawbacks of Cord Blood Banking?
A: The main problem with Cord Blood Banking is the long term viability of frozen or cryogenically stored cord blood.  Some studies indicate that cord blood can be stored indefinitely in this manner, while others dispute this claim.  It is more than likely accurate that properly stored cord blood will last for decades, but it should be noted that even if the sample is still viable after 20 years, it may be of no use to your child an longer.  Moreover, there are ethical concerns surrounding for profit cord blood banks which typically suggest that aggressive marketing by these organizations leave parents feeling like cord blood banking is within their best interest, when some arguments can be made that these institutions, in the effort to increase profitability may be preying on the fragility of first time parents, who are unsure as to what the future will hold.

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